We are a full service Pool Company!!

Basic weekly service
Additional services
  • Test pool chemistry every week;

  • Add pool chemicals needed accordingly;

  • Brush and Skim pool;

  • Clean skimmer and pump basket;

  • Clean pool filter;

  • Vacuum pool as needed;

  • Rinse down the pool deck and pool furniture (If applied);

  • Place a pool log on the pool timer box to keep a track on a weekly basis when the pool was serviced. What the chemistry was and chemicals added to the pool. It is accessible to owners and us for our records;

  • We use phosphate remover one or twice a year. This is a pool chemical that not a lot of pool companies even mention. (At no extra cost to owners);

  • We also use Soda ash that is another chemical as needed.

  • All kind of repairs and replacement in all the pool equipment;

  • Pool screen replacements;

  • Baby safety fences installation;

  • Water Pressure Wash (Deck, Screens and Walls).